In 2014, the transport sector accounted for 30% of final energy consumption in France. Since vehicle-related variable costs (fuel consumption, maintenance, etc.) represent nearly 50% of the cost price, optimising a fleet’s energy efficiency is a significant source of improved profitability for carriers.

transport Efficacité énergétique

BHC ENERGY solutions tailored to your needs:

  • Get an action plan for implementation in your vehicle fleet to help you plan and prioritise improvement actions

Energy Master Plan (EMP) / Energy Orientation Consulting (EOC)

  •  Evaluation of your vehicle park and determination of an action plan with short return on investment

 Energy audit

  • Reduce supply costs

  • Review of your procurement contracts

  • Ensure that your contracts are properly invoiced

Energy procurement consulting

  •  Training in eco-friendly driving and distribution of best practice guides

Focus and training

  • Centralise energy-related issues in the organisation and manage continuous improvement

Energy Manager

  • Deploy an effective and methodical energy management system

Energy management system

Assistance for implementing an ISO 50001 /14001

  • Monitor and manage your consumption

  • Measure actual energy savings

Integration of an Energy Information System

  • Obtain assistance with implementing improvement actions

Project Management Assistance

  • Study the feasibility of integrating energy from renewable sources into an improvement project

Renewable energy studies

  • Know your main greenhouse-gas emission items and get recommendations on how to reduce them

Greenhouse gas emissions balance