The healthcare sector has common issues with the building and industrial sectors in addition to significant budgetary constraints and business continuity issues (procurement and health security). Yet this energy-intensive sector has significant potential for improvement.

The challenge here is to reduce the energy bill of healthcare facilities while ensuring service continuity. We assist these facilities with the renewal of their contracts, and with identifying pragmatic and tangible areas for improvement with short return on investment (ROI) periods.

Santé Efficacité énergétique

BHC ENERGY solutions tailored to your needs:

  • Get an action plan for implementation in your property assets to help you plan and prioritise improvement actions

Energy Master Plan (EMP) / Energy Orientation Consulting (EOC)

  • Monitor your energy consumption

Energy audit 

  • Know your main greenhouse-gas emission items and get recommendations on how to reduce them

Greenhouse gas emissions balance

  • Reduce the energy bill of healthcare facilities while ensuring service continuity

Energy procurement consulting

  • Share and communicate information about best practices in your organisation


  • Fund your energy-savings improvements

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