France has approximately 14.4 million apartments in multi-unit buildings. Approximately 75% of these residential units were constructed at a time when thermal regulations did not exist. As a result, they are not well insulated and do not have energy efficient equipment.

In recent years, co-ownership properties are being encouraged to participate in the effort to renovate the French housing stock via thermal regulation and a compulsory energy audit.

Our mission is to assist co-ownership properties and co-owner’s associations with reducing their energy bill by helping them control their energy consumption and procurement and by providing the tools needed to plan and implement energy-saving improvements.

Copropriété efficacité énergétique

BHC ENERGY solutions tailored to your needs:

  • Optimise your energy procurement and purchase your energy at the best rates

Energy procurement consulting

  • Drawing up the financial plan

Energy Master Plan (EMP)

  • Draw up an energy assessment of your property assets

  • Know and manage your energy consumption

  • Meet regulatory requirements for compulsory energy audits

Energy audit

  • Situational analysis which allows to add to the energy audit the heritage patrimonial and the financing terms inclusion

Energy audit and architectural / Shared global audit co-ownership

  • Fund your energy-savings improvements

Financing solutions

  • Obtain assistance with implementing improvement actions

Project Management Assistance