BHC ENERGY, as affiliate of TOTAL Group, aggregates and optimizes your renewable energy production (solar, wind, hydroelectric power and biomass).

As a certified and accredited company, BHC ENERGY offers to add value to your decentralized production at the best possible conditions and in a simple and secured way.

Optimize your energy production while being a part of the future energy mix !

Agrégation d'énergie renouvelable

You are an asset managerrenewable energy project developer or a local electricity producer ? BHC ENERGY adds value to your energy production :

Feed-in tariff contracts as a public service delegation
Feed-in premium contracts
Direct-to-market & long-term PPA

• Certification and sale of your capacities

• Simple contractualization with no further commitment

• Energy supply for auxiliaries

• Valorization of guarantees of origin within TOTAL Group (Total Spring)

• REMIT transaction reporting

• Risk management for generation forecast

• Business and financial intelligence

• Asset remote control for negative electricity price management


• TOTAL financial strenght : A+

• Integration in a diversified activities portfolio

• M0 price guarantee

• Trading expertise of Total Gas & Power (TGP) : financial trading and marketing activities

• Automated self-invoicing

• Remuneration for the injected energy due to M+1

• Present on the entire electricity value chain (Total Spring (B2C), Total Energie Gaz (B2B), Lampiris, SAFT and Sunpower)

TOTAL, aims to become the responsible energy major :

• Committed to provide energy that is affordable, reliable and clean

BHC ENERGY, certified body for electricity purchase with feed-in tariff contract, capacity portfolio manager with a public service delegation

Present on the entire electricity value chain (TOTAL Spring, Lampiris, SAFT and Sunpower)

• A major integrated operator in solar energy

Nearly 10 million people have already benefited from our decentralized solar energy offering in 2017