In 2007, the European Union set the objective of increasing the share of final energy consumption from renewable energy sources (RES) to 20% by the year 2020.
The target derived in France from this overall European commitment was set at 23% for the share of total energy consumption from renewable sources, with sub-targets set by industry (heat, electricity, transport). A combination of regulatory requirements and incentives is intended to guide the transition to this new energy mix.

BHC ENERGY assists its clients with the assessment of opportunities related to renewable energy sources and their integration into their energy systems.

BHC ENERGY offers:

Any sector

Energy procurement study

Technical and economic analysis of a site’s potential for procuring energy from renewable sources, as an alternative or in addition to conventional energy.

Any sector

Renewable energy feasibility study (solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, biomass)

Preliminary project study to provide the technical, economic and regulatory elements required for decision-making

Any sector

Project Management Assistance for solar and biomasses projects

Support for the project developer from the feasibility study to commissioning and operational monitoring

Any sector

Certification and valuation of capabilities for producing energy from renewable sources

Valuation of renewable energy volumes produced on the electricity market (SPOT) and the capacity market

Experienced qualified employees

Expertise in energy markets, in addition to technical expertise to ensure optimal value for projects

Certified Scope Manager on the capacity market