BHC ENERGY assists project owners with defining their projects and their implementation through to the monitoring of operations and the achievement of performance targets. With the help of its technical expertise and the deployment of the IPMVP protocol, BHC ENERGY defines the technical-economic scope, monitors work on your project and implements protocols to verify energy savings.

BHC ENERGY offers:

Any sector

Project Management Assistance for implementing energy savings improvements

Drafting of project specifications and assistance with selecting a prime contractor.

Measurement of energy savings.


Project Management Assistance – Operations

Assistance with defining terms for subcontracting the operation and/or maintenance of all or part of the systems to optimise equipment functioning (for reliability and energy efficiency).

Any sector

Project management assistance for implementing an Energy Performance Contract (EPC)

Assistance with defining, implementing and monitoring operations with a guarantee of actual improvement on energy performance. Measurement of energy savings.

BHC ENERGY uses the IPMVP protocol to calculate energy savings achieved.


Project Management Assistance for obtaining HQE certification

Step-by-step support in the implementation of requirements relating to High Environmental Quality (HQE) certification for your new or existing building.

BHC ENERGY holds the HQE referent qualification for international projects

certification HQE

Qualified engineers to calculate energy savings


Integration of a performance monitoring software solution

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International HQE projects certification