A complete energy audit will allow you to determine a baseline for energy consumption and obtain an energy performance improvement plan (with Return on Investment time) which can be used as the basis for decision-making.

BHC ENERGY offers:

Any sector

Energy Master Plan (EMP) / Energy Orientation Consulting (EOC)

Macro View of the energy status of all assets. The EMP identifies technical and non-technical improvement actions, and then helps you prioritise them and set up an annual investment plan.

Mapping, strategic plan, strategy deployment and prioritisation

 Any sector

Energy audit

Evaluation of your energy consumption status and determination of a detailed, costed action plan designed to improve your energy performance.

Collective housing

Energy audit and architectural / Shared global audit co-ownership

Situational analysis which allows to add to the energy audit the heritage patrimonial and the financing terms inclusion

 Any sector

Energy and comfort audit

Consideration of the concept of improving thermal comfort for the wellbeing of occupants

Recommendations with short ROIs

Precise costing of energy savings

Energy audit experts (with French certification)